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Natural Skin Care that Works

Welcome to Walk in Beauty, where respect for nature as teacher and healer is a way of life!

Walk in Beauty is in accord with the principles of living in harmony with the natural world, leaving a gentle footprint on the Earth and honoring seven generations to come.

All products are FREE of Parabens and all other synthetic preservatives. No Propylene Glycol.

Try Walk in Beauty soaps with the Mix n'Match Special. Each bar is formulated with special healing qualities. Choose any four soap bars for $29.00!

Our aim is to contribute to new definitions in Enlightened Skin & Self-Care by using the purest ingredients blended synergistically to create products which...

  • repair & protect delicate capillary conditions & rosacea
  • provide non-irritating, healing care to sensitive skin
  • focus on preventative care to fragile skin prone to acne or wrinkles
  • combine unique blends of natural ingredients for Self-Care regimens

Tried & true herbs like Arnica, Calendula, Rose & Lavender are integral ingredients. The finest antioxidants and precious skin-revitalizing ingredients such as Tamanu, one of the wonder oils, along with oils of Sea Buckthorn, Helichrysum, Passionflower, Pomegranate and Meadowfoam, many Hydrosols and fine Essential Oils are developed into innovative products. Energetic components in various forms are integrated into every product.

From the first time you use a Walk in Beauty product, you'll enjoy an increased sense of well-being & harmony. Your skin will drink in the health-promoting ingredients and a youthful glow will radiate from you!

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Walk in Beauty products offer you one-of-a-kind, all-natural choices in Enlightened Skin Care containing:

The lotus represents the multiplicity of outer phenomena.

There is beauty above you,
There is beauty below you,
There is beauty all around you.
May you always walk in beauty.
-Navajo Prayer