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About Walk in Beauty

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We are a small cottage industry located in the northern highlands of rural New Mexico, elevation 7,000 feet. In this pristine wonderland, where the mountains meet the plains, Walk in Beauty products are created to nourish, enliven and transform the body to promote radiant health and beauty. We're dedicated to using organic herbs and flowers (local when possible), natural ingredients and healing energies to create excellent skin and body care products. See what people are saying about us!

In 1981, Vicki Garland made her first soap for friends & family. Since then she has been creating healing formulas which have developed into the Walk in Beauty skin and body care line. Her commitment is to making products using only the purest healing substances for skin.

As a career Horticulturist, Vicki always had an interest in exotic plants, was an avid collector and gardener, learning everything she could about herbalism, aromatherapy, making Flower Essences, and then later learning the hands-on healing arts of Reiki and Qigong. As an advanced certified permaculturist, permaculture principles are utilized in growing some of the organic herbs used in Walk in Beauty soaps, salves, mists, creams and lotions. Other plants used are wild-crafted in pristine areas over 8000 feet in elevation where the air is rarified and clean of pollution.

Vicki's own line of energetic flower remedies as well as Panacea Flower Essences, Bach Flower remedies, Flower Essence Services & several other lines of Flower Essences are integral ingredients which bring balancing and a clearing effect to the products. Also adding to the energetic qualities of the products are Gem Elixirs made from gemstones extracted in solarized infusions. Essential oils are used for their wonderful benefits, fragrance and aromatherapeutic properties. Pure and precious oils from the far reaches of the earth are chosen for their particularly emollient and restorative properties.

It is of particular interest that alcohol, mineral oil and other petroleum-based ingredients, propylene glycol, polyparaben, talc and other harmful emulsifiers and preservatives are NOT used in Walk in Beauty products. (See Synthetic Ingredients to Avoid for more.) Using pure ingredients that are free of pesticides, pollutants and grown in healthy soil without chemical fertilizers is the constant goal of Walk in Beauty.

Walk in Beauty products contain:

  • NO chemical or synthetic stabilizers, thickeners or extenders.
  • NO synthetic preservatives, including the parabens.
  • NO GMOs or genetically modified ingredients.
  • NO alcohol (except in Deodorant & Flower Essences).
  • NO cosmeceuticals, bioceuticals, or other synthetic compounds including peptides and ceramides.
  • NO plant substances devitalized by corporate agricultural methods or genetic engineering.
  • NO synthetic isolates or other synthetic replications of plant compounds.
  • NO ingredients subjected to extreme heat, over-processing or chemical solvents.
  • NO petroleum, coal tar or formaldehyde by-products or industrial phthalates
  • NO testing on animals — or sourcing from companies that do.
  • NO animal products except humanely handled bee products (all products suitable for vegetarians, most suitable for vegans

About Vicki

Vicki has served as a spiritual counselor/teacher for 27 years and uses her intuitive resources as guidance in creating the Walk in Beauty formulas. She practices Reiki, Tai Chi, is a certified Qigong instructor, hands-on Qigong healer and meditation teacher, certified in 1978 at Gurudev Siddha Peeth in Ganeshpuri, India. All of the Walk in Beauty products are energetically infused with recuperative healing energies.

In advocacy of your beauty and fine health, we support you to:

  • Drink plenty of pure, untreated water.
  • Eat organic whenever possible, avoiding food which is irradiated, made with GMO's, contain MSG & other chemical additives.
  • Breathe deeply of clean air.
  • Move your body in ways that are pleasant to you.
  • Practice Peace

Your skin will thank you! May you walk in beauty!

You can contact me by email or by phone at (505) 454-8108.

Vicki Garland
HC 69 Box 4
Sapello, NM 87745