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Articles on Natural Skin Care Topics

Common Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid — and Why

Parabens, Estrogen Imbalance and Breast Cancer: The role of parabens in skin care products as they relate to incidence of skin and breast cancers, speed of skin aging and photo-sensitive allergic reactions in users.

Dangers of Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Related Compounds discusses a common group of toxic and/or irrirant chemicals used as foaming agents and degreasers in skin care and cosmetic products.

Synthetic Ingredients to Avoid: adapted from an Organic Consumers Association article by biochemist Aubrey Hampton (founder of Aubrey Organics), discussing some common toxic and/or irrirant chemicals used in skin care and cosmetic products.

Ingredients Used in Walk in Beauty Products

Flower Essences used in Walk in Beauty Products: A list of Flower Essences used at Walk in Beauty and some of the characteristics they enhance or help bring into balance.

Practices for Healthy Skin

Facial Oil Cleansing Method: A gentle, effective facial skin cleaning method that uses no soap and leaves important, natural skin oils intact.