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Lip Balms (4 total)

Cocoa Mint Truffle Lip Treat, 0.25 oz.

Price: $5.00


Imagine delectable rich cocoa with the fresh tingle of peppermint blended into a luscious truffle... Voila! for an uplifting treat for your lips

Ginger-Cinnamon Lip Plumper, 0.25 oz.

Price: $6.00


An all natural plumper containing essential oils of Palo Santo, Ginger, Cassia and more... for rosy, pouty lips that stay soft!

Goddess Lips, 0.25 oz.

Price: $5.00


You'll be pleased to find the lip treatment you've always dreamed of! With a silken fruity goodness & a hint of tint your lips will feel (and look!) like they belong to a goddess!