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Soaps (27 total)

Ginger Green Tea Soap, 5 oz.

Price: $8.00


Ginger Green Tea is a memorable soap! Not too spicy, not too sweet... when you emerge from your shower, you feel grounded & strong!

Goddess Oshun Goji Pomegranate Soap, 6 oz.

Price: $7.00


Goddess Oshun Goji Pomegranate Soap is fruity, mysterious & flowing with the feminine essence of Pomegranate in honor of Goddess Oshun & chock full of antioxidant Tibetan Goji berries.

Lakshmi Prosperity Bar, 6 oz.

Price: $8.00


This soap will make your bath a gift from Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity — resplendent & fragrant with the scent of lotus blossoms.

Lavender Amethyst Soap, 6 oz.

Price: $8.00


Lavender Amethyst Soap will gently clean your skin & lift your spirits!

Medicine Buddha Healing Bar, 6 oz.

Price: $8.00


Medicine Buddha Healing Bar honors the Buddha who protects from illness. Enjoy layers of healing herbs and essential oils embedded in the bar, a cleansing bar unlike any you've ever used!

Orchid Opal Soap, 6 oz.

Price: $8.00


Rich with the delicate fragrance of orchid petals & essential oils and the soothing energy of Fire Opal Gem Elixir, Orchid Opal Soap anoints every place it touches with a silky, smooth moisture.

Parvati Chamomile Neroli Bar, 6 oz.

Price: $7.00


This rich, floral soap will grace your shower or bath as you revel in the sensuality of Orange blossoms and the calm of Chamomile flowers.

Patchouli Neroli Soap, 6 oz.

Price: $8.00


Patchouli is the one & only... the one of its kind... A richy earthy scent you either love or detest. Reminder of the days of freedom & fun, ceremony & simplicity. Add the oil of sacred Neroli blossoms & you have a dream of a bar!

Peppy Mint Wake-Up Bar, 6 oz.

Price: $7.00


This enlivening soap is refreshing in the shower; full of zesty peppermint to add pep and zing to your day!

Quan Yin Compassion Bar, 6 oz.

Price: $8.00


Contains Willow Flower Remedy (Bach) to assist in cultivating optimism, as well as the bark of White Willow in honor of the Goddess of Compassion Quan Yin, who holds a willow branch in her left hand.