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Blue Lotus Sapphire Soap, 6 oz.

Price: $8.00


Blue Lotus is considered a sacred plant, highly revered in ancient Egypt where it was infused in wine as a nectar for heightened states. Aromatic oils from Thailand & Bali combined with the blue petals infused in the bar (in a tea the Nymphaea caerulea flowers are thought to be both euphoric & aphrodisiac!) & the subtle energies of Sapphire & Quartz leave you feeling sensually pleasurable higher vibratory spiritual resonance!

Bug Barrier Insect Repellent, 2.5 oz.

Price: $12.00


An all-natural repellant to keep pesky insects away! Comes in an unbreakable non-plastic spray bottle.

Calendula Caress Honey Bar, 6 oz.

Price: $8.00


Soothing & healing to skin irritations, organic Calendula flowers are hand-harvested & dried, then solar-infused into oils which are made into this golden cleansing bar. Now contains the rare healing Palo Santo Essential Oil from Ecuador!

Cedarwood Soap, 6 oz.

Price: $6.00


A favorite for the men, woodsy and natural!

Clarity Herbal Skin Cleanser, 5 oz.

Price: $18.00


So many beneficial natural treatments all rolled into one wash! Easy to use, leaving your skin clean... so clean, without being tight or dry!

Clarity Herbal Skin Toner, 5 oz.

Price: $18.00


This label reads like an instruction manual for taking care of your facial skin! Use after cleansing or as a quick pick-me-up for your face!

Clean Citrus Soap, 6 oz.

Price: $7.00


A favorite Walk in Beauty soap with its lavish blend of citrus essential oils including Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot!

Cocoa Mint Truffle Lip Treat, 0.25 oz.

Price: $5.00


Imagine delectable rich cocoa with the fresh tingle of peppermint blended into a luscious truffle... Voila! for an uplifting treat for your lips

Coconut Grove Soap, 6 oz.

Price: $6.00


Coconut milk, coconut oil & bits of coconut fruit make this bar so rich and creamy you'll want to stay in the shower or bath just for the sheer delight of it.

Florida Grapefruit Soap, 6 oz.

Price: $7.00


Imagine the juiciness & tangy smell of a freshly cut grapefruit just picked off the tree in your yard. A Florida beach goddess friend sent me the grapefruits that went into this soap! A new favorite in the shower!