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Chris from Sebastopol, CA

I wanted to tell you your Repair & Prevention Salve you gave me for my birthday is just exquisite. You have a gift at medicine making!


I must say how incredible Walk in Beauty soap is, I just had my first experience with it. The lather, aroma and overall greatness of the soap was simply stunning. Looking forward to using it again soon!

Muina, Las Vegas, New Mexico

I recently was bitten by a cat, three time on my right hand. Because I am diabetic my Doctor was anxious about the toxicity of cat bites and the long time it might take me to heal. I called Vicki to buy some of her renowned New Mexico Trementina Salve, yet she told me I already had what she considered the best treatment, Walk In Beauty's Sacred Circle Plantain Neem Salve I began applying this triple antibiotic, soothing salve to the cat bites. Although one had hemorraged beneath the skin, within moments I felt the healing elements at work. Healing was accelerated and my doctor was clearly amazed by the rapid and efficient healing action Sacred Circle provided for these harmful cat bites. Thank you again and again for Walk In Beauty products!

Beth from Bonita Springs, FL

Sorry it took me years to share with my husband, Vicki — I LOVE and cherish my Walk in Beauty soap! :) ♥♥♥ He's already got a list of different soaps he wants to try now. LOL :)

Joanna from Miami, FL

You have such a great gift. I have no idea how you do it, but your soaps have a soul of compassion. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I have no way to say what a gift you have given me, therefore I have no way of knowing that you know. I only hope you can feel my heart from heart! Deepest Gratitude, Dear Soul!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Kathy from Holiday, Florida

Dear Vicki, I purchased some soap from you for my 81 year old mom. In the winter her skin gets extremely dry, she calls it alligator skin. Well last night before bed she washed up using your soap. This morning when she got up she washed up again. Around 10am she called me all excited. She had to tell me that her alligator skin is almost totally gone!! In 2 uses!!! I love that she can ALREADY see a HUGE difference, she is shocked and also said the aroma is very nice, she most definitely loves it!!! Thank you! I know where I will be getting my mom’s gifts… what do you get an 81+ year old woman who has everything? Walk in Beauty Products!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Chris from Las Vegas, New Mexico

I wanted to tell you that the day you delivered my anti-itch spray, I had a bite on my wrist that was driving me crazy.. stinging, itching, burning. I tried your spray on it and the discomfort was instantly gone! More than that, it hasn't come back even though bites tend to need attention all through the process of the body absorbing the venom.. not even after I washed that area several times over the duration of the day and days later. I still have the bite but it's not itching or burning or stinging. As an added plus, the concoction smells delicious. Thanks for providing it. It's great!!!!

Joanna, Gaithersburg, MD

Vicki, your Herbal Tooth Powder really does work wonders. It healed a potential cavity! I saw my dentist after a full year between check-ups, and not only were my teeth and gums perfectly healthy, any potential problems had disappeared. This powder is incredible."

Irina from Grosse Point Park, Michigan

FYI, my mother adores the gifts. She noted how incredibly smooth and delightful the Gaia Protection Plus Cream was and she raved about the fact that there were a million seemingly incredibly ingredients. I assured her that there are indeed a million incredible ingredients in all of the products. And she loved the lip balm. She said the soap smelled wonderful (That was a relief. She is ultra picky about smells, which is why I selected non-smelly products for her). Hopefully, the Arnica Relief Lotion will help both of my parents with aches and pains.

And the Repair & Prevention Carrot Seed Salve is great because she'll keep it with her in her purse. (Oh.. and also, mom went on and on about how clear my face looks. Your Clarity Herbal Cleanser for Blemished Skin made all the difference) You really are an alchemist.

Irina from Grosse Point Park, Michigan

I am going to need some more Sacred Circle Neem Plantain Salve!! My favorite use is after shaving my ultra sensitive legs, I LOVE how incredibly soothing it feels on my poor irritated nicked razor-burned skin, and I am amazed at how the red puffy and irritated spots clear RIGHT up!!!

Libby from Cañoncito, NM

I love the Walk in Beauty products. I first started thinking seriously about what I was putting on my skin when I started using hormone creams. If the hormones are absorbed through my skin, why wouldn't the ingredients in cosmetic products also be absorbed just as easily? Because of this, I have bought 'natural' cosmetics for years, ever since I learned what dangerous chemicals are often hiding in commercial versions. To my dismay, I discovered that even "natural" and "organic" mass-produced products also can contain undesirable, even dangerous, chemicals. I was so happy to find the Walk in Beauty line, with its emphasis on absolute ingredient safety and purity. Add to this that it's hand made in small batches and you have a truly artisanal line of cosmetics. I wouldn't use any other.

Barbara, Montezuma, NM

I'm in love with the Arnica Relief Salve! I've been using it on all those arthritic places (shoulders, feet, hips) that I've been having so much trouble with. It's more effective than any other remedy I've tried. I've also been using the Gaia Protective Cream for really rough patches on elbows, ankles and knees. They're actually starting to soften.

Michael, Stargate Ranch, Ocate, NM

Your Lavender Herbal Healing Balm is amazing! I work in the harsh New Mexico wind and sun, and I can honestly say that this product has saved my lips from countless blisters and wind burn. I'm usually not one for lip balm, but this tastes and feels great. Furthermore, I put this balm on every crack, cut, and scrape I get for its soothing relief and healing qualities — it truly is the best balm I've tried. Thank you!!

Irina, Grosse Point Park, Michigan

THANK YOU so much for the gifts! My lips are glowing with beautiful Thai Delight Coconut Lemongrass Balm. The smell is so lovely! This is definitely the nicest lip balm I've ever used. And the soap is adorable- oh, how I love it's scent of patchouli and neroli! And the Psyche Lotion also smells so beautiful, I've already slathered my legs and forearms. I'll happily write a more thorough review once I get time to see if all the botanical oils and extracts together aid the healing of all my various marks.

The Shea Souffle smells DIVINE - wow, I was actually shocked at how good it smelled. My body exuded the sweet chocolaty delicious aroma for hours — I woke up the next morning, smelled my arms and hands and chocolate note lingered still! I look forward to applying the Shea Souffle to protect my skin this summer in the hot Arizona sun during my very first trip to the lovely southwest.


The Gaia Protective Lotion is soothing and healing. And I mean it!! I battle with emotional instability and anxiety and have been for a few years. My emotions got the best of me on Saturday and my first thought was to reach for the Gaia Protective Lotion. When under extreme stress, as I have been these past weeks, it is easier for me to hold onto the anger and fear which constantly surrounds me. To regain my sense of balance and to release the emotional pain, I let my self go into a minor panic. Because I had chose the scent and feeling of the Gaia to comfort me when I first tried it, I reached for the bottle first thing in the midst of my temporary crisis. After massaging some lotion to my throat, face, upper chest and arms, and focusing on the soothing and healing properties of St. John's Wort, Arnica, Evening Primrose, Tamanu, Chamomile, Yarrow, Etc Etc Etc — I at once felt my body begin to release the negativity as I relaxed into meditation. I now feel like this lotion has become part of my self-healing and relaxation in my constant continuous effort to resolve, balance, stabilize, harmonize my emotions and spirit.

Irina from Grosse Point Park, Michigan

The Psyche Lotion, I've been applying this one the most — once or twice a day since last Friday. I had been hoping to clear up some old marks on my skin as I had mentioned to you before. I made a change last year — to cut out the chemicals and petroleum products as much as my knowledge could allow in order to harmonize my nature and spirit, and to cherish the beauty the earth provides to us by having an open heart. And since, my skin has indeed gotten better, basically because I stopped being at war with it and the rest of myself!!

The psyche lotion has noticeably reduced the redness, the discoloration, the roughness of my skin from all the past 'abuse' — the texture of my cheeks — the site of my cystic acne — has smoothened out a bit, already. Even my not-so-extraordinarily-perceptive boyfriend commented yesterday that my skin was "glowing!" Oh! and another little story — I sat with a table of friends at a little hip bar down the street for a drink that same Friday night that I got the lotion in the mail and first slathered it on — all 3 friends were slowing inching my way as the night progressed to smell me. LOL! Another amazing aroma, yet totally different than what I tend to gravitate towards (I usually go for the exotic spicy ritualistic or sensual scents like amber/sandalwood/ frankincense — not usually floral or herbaceous.. the psyche smells both a bit floral and like a something like botanical garden — and to my own surprise, I adore it! )

Ashley, Lubbock, TX

I received my package today, which, by the way, arrived incredibly promptly, and I wanted to thank you for everything. The anti-dandruff formulation you made for me was amazing. I really can't thank you enough. My newly-acquired dandruff has been so stubborn. It never flakes or comes off unless I scratch my scalp. I heated up the oil and massaged into my scalp. I took a look in the mirror and I could see all of these little white flakes coming loose. The results were instantaneous! It's like my scalp knew that I was trying to nourish it and just let go of the protective layer of dandruff. Thank you so much! It was so kind of you to include that.

Then I hopped in the shower and used the Purely Gentle SLS-free Shampoo and Conditioner. They were the first kind I've ever used, and I'm officially a fan. I didn't have to use as much as I expected. When I rinsed it out, my hair didn't have that post-shampoo "squeaky" feeling. The conditioner left my hair feeling totally natural and balanced, almost like I had never, ever done anything to it. I'm not sure how to describe it except that my hair felt NORMAL for the first time in years. When I combed it out, my hair didn't resist, it just parted like silk. My hair is drying right now and it isn't shriveling up into fuzzy cowlicks like it usually does.

I've never had a shampoo that did not make me feel like I immediately had to correct the damage done to my hair. Store bought shampoos and conditioners are often accompanied by a vicious cycle. You shampoo your hair to get rid of the gunk from your conditioner, you condition your hair to undo the drying damage from the shampoo, you shampoo your hair to get rid of the gunk.. It goes on and on. I'm a convert. You put so much of your pure soul into these products, I can't imagine turning back to my old hair products. I can't wait to try more of your stuff! Thank you for being such a kind woman.

Power Walk in Beauty Products User Joanna from Gaithersburg, MD

I'd like to rave about the customized Harmony Elixir: when I sprayed it on my wrists, I nearly swooned. The scent is.. incredible. It smells the way a dream feels. There is an overwhelming sense of pure tranquility. I felt lifted and completely serene. I felt like nothing could worry me; and in such a serene state, I felt my body start to relax and I felt a good portion of my chronic pain slowly start to melt away. And my body doesn't relax easily!

So, here are all my individual reviews. You already know how I feel about the Harmony Elixir Spray (which, by the way, is just getting better and better — it gives me energy so I can actually work past my fibromyalgia!)

Gaia Protection Lotion is my favorite body lotion. They'd have to pay me a million bucks to make me stop ordering this. I love the feel, I love the smell, I love the psychic and magic energies, I love the sense of peace and serenity, I love the way my sore muscles and joints stop aching when I massage it in. I also love the sheer versatility. I can use it on my body, my hands, my face, my hair. I'm not going to choose between the Gaia Lotion and the Clarity Lotion, because they each do different things, which is what is so great. Sometimes I use the Gaia on top of the Clarity for a nice double-whammy skin care soak.

I also love the Aphrodite Beauty Lotion — my skin feels literally like silk. I've been using it as a facial lotion for a couple of nights, and it's starting to clear up some old acne scars from my teen years. Nice!

Joanna, Gaithersburg, MD

I just wanted to let you know that the Clarity face trio, along with the Gaia Protection Lotion, has really helped my skin turn around in less than a month. I massage my face with the cleanser, wait a couple of minutes before rinsing. Then I use the toner. Then I apply the lotion and massage that in for a couple of minutes. Then I follow up with the Gaia lotion. Because the Gaia lotion contains ingredients that the Clarity lotion does not (Rooibos, DMAE, MSM, Squalane, Silk, Hyaluronic Acid, etc etc), it really compliments the Clarity. I think it's also the difference in texture between the two lotions. To me, the Clarity lotion feels more like a serum, while the Gaia lotion feels more like a cream. And because so many of the combined ingredients on my skin work to destroy bacteria, shrink pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, brighten dullness, and smooth out fine lines, I have watched my acne scars, red blotches, blackheads, and clogged pores disappear very quickly — faster than any other skin care line I've used in the past. In fact the only product that's been able to work this fast on my skin was a single skin cleanser that costs almost forty dollars and basically contains only chamomile extract encapsulated in nanospheres.

Beth from Manuelitas, NM

I use your Repair and Prevention Carrot Seed Oil Salve on my dry, ranch hands and even on my face in the winter. I find it soothing, softening and healing.

Elizabeth from Santa Fe, NM

I work downtown and some days it feels like the whole world visits the restaurant. When I come home - first thing - I grab a bar of Walk in Beauty Tea Tree Soap or Cedarwood Soap and wash up. You know, maybe it's just because I know Vicki and how much love and good energy she puts into her products; but, afterward, I don't just feel cleaner - I feel cleansed."It's Vicki's Soap for that dirty dirt." This IS what I say many times when I wash. I love the New Mexico Trementina Salve, too.

Gail from Mora, NM

I think your Repair & Prevention Carrot Seed Oil Salve is fantastic! I use it at night around the corners of my eyes and around my mouth, since those areas are where I'm developing lines. It really helps these areas look softer. I also like to use it on my cuticles; it's the best nail cream I've tried. I love that I don't have to worry about what dangerous chemicals I might be putting on my face, like with so many commercial products. Thanks for making such a wonderful, wholesome product!

Michelle from Ocate, New Mexico

The Walk In Beauty line of Blessings Goddess Soaps is really very special. Everything from the beautiful and thoughtful packaging to the skin and soul-nourishing bars is exquisite and creative. It is a real treat to use this line of soaps, and I must say that the size of the bars is quite generous. I love to give Walk In Beauty products as gifts because of the fine quality of scent and color, as well as the healing ingredients and love that go into each creation.

Linda, Buena Vista, NM

I recently purchased some of Walk in Beauty's exquisite Patchouli Neroli Shea Shanti Lotion. Not only did it slide like silk over my dry skin, but the aromas immediately sent a wave of relaxation over me and I experienced a sense of calm tranquility. My daughter entered the room and asked what the heavenly smell was and experienced a similar sensation. I love this luxurious product.

Kay from Encinitas, CA

I really love your soaps. I'm currently indulging in the citrus bar. Your website, Walk-in-Beauty, should be called Wash-in-Beauty.

Pattie, Sapello, NM

I love the beautiful bars of soap. They smell so wonderful. I especially enjoy the fragrance of the Ginger Green Tea Soap. I also love the Repair and Prevention Carrot Seed Oil Salve and am scraping the bottom of the one I got from you earlier. It's great on feet too.

Cordia from Las Vegas, NM

I really find the Golden Wound Salve a necessary addition to my first aid kit and medicine cabinet. It has been helpful for minor cuts, abrasions, and bites. I had a bad insect bite that was hard and very red, and I applied the salve and the hard core came out and it softened so it could heal. I highly recommend it to anyone, and I know it is made with caring and good pure products.

Kate from Cañoncito, NM

I love Walk in Beauty Fruits & Flowers Herbal Deodorant! I have always been careful to not use antiperspirant deodorants and this deodorant is my favorite among all the natural products that I've used. I love that it's a liquid spray that doesn't clog my pores in any way. My daily routine requires just a brief dab of alcohol under my arms to eliminate any bacteria, with a couple of quick spritzes of Fruits & Flowers spray to finish. It smells wonderful and is so refreshing and it works all day. Thanks for such a great product!

Molly from Kirkland, WA

I love the Mango Macadamia Aloha Bar for its great effects on my skin, making it so soft. And what I most appreciate and find to be unique is the ease of traveling with this necessary item.. in its solid form it does not leak all over. I really appreciate putting this product right where I want it, and not watching it drip from my hands in the process.

Rose Ventura, CA

I have been using products from Walk in Beauty for quite a while and I love them. They are so pure and clean, and everything smells so, so good. I especially love the Gaia Protection Lotion. I use it all over my face, including the area around my eyes. It soaks in beautifully and makes my skin feel incredibly soft and moisturized. AND it frees me from having to use more than one product, the ease of which I like very much. I've also used the hand lotions, soaps and Arnica Relief Lotion Bar. They all are fabulous. If you want the purest of products, these are exceptional.

JW from Oahu, HI

Walk in Beauty Gaia Facial Oil is the BEST — almost instant absorption, long-time good feel on skin...! The salves are sooo soothing & nourishing... Lip balms are lusciously lickable, yet help keep chapping at bay!

Pat from Sapello, NM

The soaps are absolutely wonderful. My favorite soap of all time. In fact, I need to get some more from you. And I'd like to try a few of your other products, too.

Joni from Seattle, WA

I originally received Lakshmi Lotus Lotion and Lakshmi Prosperity Soap as a gift. Once utilized, I immediately ordered more. Then I received another special potion called Maia Blossom Lotion which I carry in my purse and it smells so good, I offer it to others. Once they put it on their skin, they want more. It is so natural; non-greasy; absorbing into the skin with delicacy and grace. I tell all who want this secret to touch them again to try all of the natural products offered. When I use the products on my body and my face, my skin loves to caress & absorb it. Seriously: The products, upon touching my skin, holding the intention of "WALK IN BEAUTY", work on a Metaphysical level. I breathe it in and hold the intention. This carries me throughout the day and throughout the world as I say to myself: "WALK IN BEAUTY" If something is bugging me, I rub some lotion on my hands and remind myself to "WALK IN BEAUTY". These are such beautiful products! I am so happy for the new website!!!!

Mary Jane from Novato, CA

I especially love your lip balms! They seem to be so pure and wonderful. It is great to know that I am using something on my lips that is so pure. And there's one soap I've tried that is just so wonderful. It was the Lakshmi Prosperity Bar which was beautiful and the scent divine. I really feel that the products are made with love. I especially like to think of you making them in your studio. They are as much pieces of art as body products!

Suzanne from New York, NY

My daughter lives in Sapello and she brought me some of your lotions and creams. I find the Raspberry Peach Gardener's Hand Cream to be the best thing I have ever found for calluses. Since I no longer garden I use the cream on my feet and nothing else does as much good. May I order some from you? Would you like to send a brochure so my friends here could order also. One of them really likes the Wild Rose Cream.

Leslie from Rociada, NM

At our dry New Mexico altitude I use the Gaia Protection Cream daily. My skin drinks it in, feels nourished and looks better! Thank you!

Kathleen from Seattle, WA

Last July my daughter and I spent our vacation in New Mexico — we enjoyed it so much especially the many shops — We purchased Walk in BeautyArnica Relief Salve. Upon arriving home I experienced many aches and pains the result of an auto accident "not our fault" — After trying many remedies I tried your Arnica Relief Salve. My daughter and I would like to purchase some more as it was the only thing that helped us. Do you have order forms or some way we could purchase this "Miracle"? I'll be anxious to hear from you,

Cordia from Las Vegas, NM

I really find the Walk in Beauty Golden Wound Salve a necessary addition to my first aid kit and medicine cabinet. It has been helpful for minor cuts, abrasions, and bites. I had a bad insect bite that was hard and very red, and I applied the salve and the hard core came out and it softened so it could heal. I highly recommend it to anyone, and I know it is made with caring and good pure products.

Katherine from Las Vegas, NM

I've always had oily skin, but as I've gotten older I've appreciated moisturizers more and more. The Gaia Protective Cream is terrific! I like to use a generous quantity after I wash my face. I leave it on for a few minutes and it soaks in like my skin has been waiting for it! If I use a little too much, I just blot off the excess after a couple of minutes and the rest is completely absorbed. My skin has never felt so good!

Sue, Albuquerque, NM

I never go anywhere without my WIB Lip Balms and it feels so good to know that the ingredients are all safe enough to ingest!

Cindy from Redmond, WA

Oh, honey, I LOVE your soaps! Can you give me some details (size, cost, etc.)...they would make great gifts for folks, so I would like to buy some.

Bhava from Ubud, Bali

I am absolutely loving the Herbal Lavender Lip Balm you made and gave me. It smells so yummy and feels so good. I'd like to get one for my sister.